Frack-Free Wales



Understanding Unconventional Fossil Fuel Extraction

Frack-Free Wales is a publishing, lobbying and direct action group who aim to establish the facts on Unconventional Fossil Fuel Extraction methods. Frack-Free Wales is a grass-roots organisation comprised of individual activists  not affiliated with any political party or corporation.

We part of a coalition of the following groups Frack-Free Wales, Oxfam Cymru, Lush Campaigns, Greenpeace (Cardiff/South Wales), Friends Of The Earth Cymru, Safe Energy Wales, Friends Of The Earth Cardiff, Gwyrddio Penarth Greening, Cardiff Transition, The Vale Says No!, Cowbridge Hub, Frack-Off Llanelli, N.E. Wales Anti-Fracking Action Network, Frack-Off, the Anti-Fracking Network and Britain and Ireland Frack-Free (B.I.F.F.), Global Fracking Ban Movement, Welsh National Rights Movement.

In America, Canada and Australia Unconventional Fossil Fuel Extraction methods have been widely allowed and natural habitats have been harmed.




Establishing the Science

We are campaigning to establish and publish the scientific facts of unconventional fossil fuel extraction methods, particularly Hydraulic Fracturing a.k.a “Fracking” and Coal Bed Methane (CBM) extraction. We have collated a stockpile of evidence based on the experiences of real people living with Unconventional Fossil Fuel Extraction around the world.

Establishing the Geography

The sites in Wales that are of particular concern are

  • Swansea
  • Llandow
  • St Nicolas
  • Bonlvilston
  • Hirwaun
  • Llantrisant
  • Newport
  • Maesteg
  • Bryntirion

Investigating the Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts of Unconventional Fossil Fuel Extraction 

We aim to discover what the use of Unconventional Fossil Fuel Extraction means  for the people of Wales environmentally and economically.

These are already challenged areas. Wales’ levels of low-wage economy and poverty are comparative to the new EU states Romania, Bulgaria and Poland

Frack-Free Wales aims to stop more damage to these already challenged areas. These social difficulties have arguably been caused in part by the dirty industrial practices that have dominated our horizons since the 19th Century.

Establishing Alternative Energy Plans for Wales and the United Kingdom

Frack-Free Wales supports green energy plans for Wales. We aim to highlight alternative energy plans for Wales that limits then eradicates fossil fuels before the advent of Peak Oil.Methane is a greenhouse gas with 20 times the power of carbon dioxide, therefore methods involving fossil fuels should be a last resort. The creation of green climate jobs could benefit our stagnant economy.

Establishing Transparency in the Political Process

We aim to gather and publish information about the Companies, Governments, Ministers, Lobbyists and that are involved, their safety record, financial affairs and ownership etc. We are calling for an attitude of full-transparency from the companies, legislators and politicians involved.

We aim to establish whether the citizens of Wales are likely to benefit economically from this process if we are forced into it. We aim to document the contracts awarded to the companies who win the contracts for this Unconventional Fossil Fuel Extraction to ensure that these contracts are not awarded to transnational corporations.

Energy Policy is decided centrally at Westminster. That means that the argument is with Westminster as well as with the Corporations. Local Councillors are routinely granting licences for exploration on these sites. We aim to educate them.

The resistance to Unconventional Fossil Fuel industry  is growing world-wide. We will not let George Osborne and his Gas Industry lobbyist father-in-law frack with our futures.